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Hi! How are you all doing?

Fingers crossed I will be re-opening on APRIL 12TH, I'm so excited to see all my clients again!

I will still doing HAIR EXTENSIONS in LIVERPOOL & OXFORD and my booking system makes it easy for you to see when I am available... BOOK IN HERE


Most of you know I also offer LIFE CHANGING - HARMONY HEALTH TESTING



From a young age, my passion was always to make people feel better, healthier and well in themselves, that is why I became a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Swimming Instructor and Mindfullness coach.

I now help people of all ages to reset their health with Bioresonance Allergy & Deficiency Testing. My goal is to assist each person to transform their story from one of pain, illness & discomfort into one of greater health & feeling of wellbeing. * I help mums and dads to help their children stay well with allergies at home, school and out in the world. * I work with nurseries, schools and universities doing allergy and deficiency testing sessions for students. * Large companies provide wellness testing sessions for their employees, therefore cutting down on sick days. * I work with individuals, couples and families to eliminate symptoms. * I help girls and women to reduce hormone symptoms, especially around menopause. * I help athletes to live their most optimal life, knowing they aren't consuming anything that can cause their fitness to drop and that they aren't deficient in vitamins or minerals. * I also offer gyms and health clubs my services.

WHAT IS BIORESONANCE Allergy, Intolerance & Deficiency Testing

One to one testing, quick, painless, non invasive, no side effects, instant results in one session! * Tried and tested worldwide for over 50 years and used as an alternative tool to unmask various health issues. * MORA testing is safe for babies, children and adults. * I test for over 100 foods, Drinks, E-numbers & Airborne Sensitivities * I also test for Vitamin, Mineral & Hormone Deficiency Testing. The one to one tests are pain free, non invasive with instant results.

I am very excited to announce that I will soon also be offering HOME Testing Blood & Hair Test Kits for you or your beloved PET!

Watch my incredible story here...

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or message me on 07876 718 057, or email me at

I look forward to making you feel better soon!



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