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  • ! COVID 19 !
    Unfortunatley in these strange Covid times, I want us both to feel safe and comfortable and the way I work has to become less relaxed. Clients must attend thier appointments alone, the salon will just be myself and my client. I will be wearing a face mask. UPDATE: 7TH JULY 2022 : COVID POLICY : FACE MASKS ARE MANDATORY IN OXFORD HAIR EXTENSION SALONS IN BOTH OXFORD & LIVERPOOL DUE TO DEENA'S HEALTH ISSUES. I will have hand sanitiser for us both but also you can wash your hands as soon as you enter, I have washable hand drying towels for each client and supply washable cotton gloves (if preffered) and disposable gowns for clients to wear. Shoes are to be left at the door as my hair studio is in my home and please refrain from bringing bags or coats if you can help it, or they can be left inside the front door. I will no longer be able to supply drinks, but feel free to bring your own.
  • Will it damage my own hair ?
    No, I give a thorough consultation and aftercare info to take home, if you follow my advice, your own hair will grow faster, thicker, stronger and longer. Check my photos on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Are the extensions uncomfortable?
    You literally can't feel MicroRings, Hollywood Weave or Tapes at all, they are SO comfy, move naturally, easy to wear up, they breathe and are so easy to care for.
  • Does my own hair need to be a certain length to get hair extensions?
    Your shortest length needs to be at least the length of an iphone (so at least 5 inches long aprox), otherwise it is difficult for the extensions to blend into your hair. If your own hair is short, you should choose shorter extensions so the overall look is natural.
  • Can I still get my colour done regularly?
    Yes, you can get your top section and hairline coloured as normal but you should'nt let colour seep into the microrings,I advise you to get a colourist to do your colour for you as opposed to doing it yourself at home.
  • How much will it cost?
    Prices vary depending on which type of hair you need, what length, how thick etc. As a guide, prices start from around £300. A thorough consultation will determine what option will be best for you.
  • How long will the hair last?
    This all depends on which hair type you choose, I supply luxury long lasting hair for all budgets. Blond hair extensions tend not to last as long as the black and dark brown shades. How well you look after your hair extensions, what products you use, how often you wash them, regular 8 weekly maintenances, holidays, heat styling tools all play a factor in. how long you will get out of your extensions but I will go though everything at consultation. Most of my clients get aprox 9 -12 (plus) months wear.
  • Do I have to get my hair extensions maintained?
    Yes a total refit is done every 8 weeks, I will do:- A full removal Comb out of any matting Trim your own hair Reinstall the extensions with a new rings or fresh tapes Trim then style, This all takes aprox 3 hours and costs £125 for tapes & Hollywood Weave or £150 for Individual Microrings (based on a full head fitting).
  • Do I have to pay upfront?
    No, a consultation will be needed to asses your hair, then we choose from my luxury extension suppliers which hair will be most suitable. I will give you the details so you can order the hair yourself. Full fitting payment will be due at the fitting appointment. All payments are done via my booking system but a deposit will be taken to secure the appointment.
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