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Amazing thickness from only 2 packs of #
Full Maintenance

Because you're worth it!


HOLLYWOOD WEAVE MAINTENANCE             £180 for 3 hours

TWIN TABS                                                             £180 for 3 hours

INVISIBLE TAPES                                                   £240 includes...

(removal of tapes & residue, wash, blow of natural hair and extensions, re-taping)


During the individuals maintenance (full re-fit), Deena will:


* Completely remove your micro rings, tapes or weave.

*Brush out any old hair

*Trim your own hair

*Refit your extensions with new microrings.

*Trim the extensions

*Curl the extensions


Please attend your maintenance with CLEAN, dry, straight hair..


I miss the good ole days! I hope everyon
Mini Maintenance

Feelin Fresh!


A mini appointment may be booked in if you feel you have shed too many extensions between your maintenance appointments.  


If clients leave their maintenance appointments longer than 10 weeks, your own hair can start to matt and the extensions can be more difficult & take much longer to remove (and is charged £30 per half hour), thus causing scalp trauma.


Most clients naturally shed a couple of strands per week on average and prefer to attend their regular maintenance appointments every 8 weeks, which I find perfect as matting doesn't usually start until around 10 weeks.

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